Setting Up Your New PC & Laptop

Our team can help you make the transition from your existing computer to your new PC or laptop. This will include transferring your files and information as well personal settings (screensavers, passwords and the like...) to your new computer. We will also ensure that we secure your new PC or laptop with anti-virus software and other measures.

Printers, Scanners, Phones and more...

Printers, scanners, smart phones, and cameras can often cause problems when connecting to the computer. The wide variety of options and features are excellent to have except when they don't seem to work. So, whether it is problems with getting photos into your laptop or music into your digital music player, we can help.

Upgrading Your PC or Laptop?

We can help you find out what the options in the market are and what the benefits as well as potential problems with these options are. We can then help you identify what would best suit your requirements and budget.

Performance Optimisation

WPS can help you make your computer run faster and with fewer problems. Over time, performance issues can build up until one day the result is a sudden crash. This can be prevented with a regular check-up and tuning of the computer. This would include removing unnecessary files in the system as well as detecting and removing viruses and unwanted software that is affecting computer performance.